Block Party is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering youth voter turnout, mainly on college campuses. The goal is to increase voter awareness, make registration and voting easier, and raise interest in upcoming elections.
Our goal is to engage young voters, so we make it easier for busy students to vote with Block Party’s website, resources, and collateral that help inform students on campus, and civic engagement to learn more.
Iconography System
Each icon was illustrated by using the logo’s Block Party custom letters to be used throughout the brand identity, collateral, and registration process.
AR Interactive Posters
Interactive posters with prominent issues driving the youth vote that drives traffic to the website.
Make it easy for users to register and find all the resources they need to vote in one place.
Whether on-campus or not, our website will make it easier for students to register, etc., and actually vote.
Step-By-Step Guide
“First time voter” guides voters all the way to the ballot. If it’s your first time voting the guide helps smooth out the process and ensure you’re ready to cast your vote.
BP Portal
Has all the resources they need for voting and mainly for users who are looking for a particular topic or resource
SOLUTION: Make voting website interactive and interesting for youth
The design and accessibility is captivating and simple platform for young voters. Majority of voting resource websites are too formal for an older audience, and can be hard to understand and follow through. Therefore, the younger audience who are first time voters or reluctant to vote when visiting increase voter registration.

Other Work

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